Winnie – University Student

Meet Winnie

Winnie is another pioneer of the Kookaburra student community, having been with us since the beginning. She is now in her second year at University, studying Education. Like many of these stories, Winnie is helping us to achieve our goal of improving the community through education.

I joined Kookaburra Community School during the time of its establishment in Kenya in the year 2010. While at class 7, I was among the pioneers. I came to know about Kookaburra community from the village I live in and decided to join because of the challenges I have experienced and this would be of much help to me. I was previously learning in Restoration center, which was a school within the community. My brother Stephen Nyamweno and sister Mary, benefited from the program. Stephen became one of the students in kookaburra community school where he got free primary education. Mary became a teacher in Kookaburra and has created a great, positive impact to my family and am really grateful to be one of the Kookaburra alumni.
I was born on 12 August 1997 and I am now 21 years old.
Among the 5 subjects, mathematics taught by Mr. Brian and later on by Mr. Dishon, happened to be my favorite subject. Since I used to perform well in it.
My memorable time is when I emerged to be among the top student in my class. During the closing assembly I was called in front for a reward, it really empowered me to put more effort in my academic journey.
I had fun times in Kookaburra but one of the worst moments is when we were punished as a class of failing to do Kiswahili assignment. The form of punishment given was detention whereby we were denied lunch.
The school created a basis of determination and self-belief in my academic journey, empowering me up until my university level. The school offered me free primary school education starting from class 7 when it was established. I was sponsored in my high school education, I learned in Mama Ngina Girls High school. Now I am in my university level whereby the sponsorship is still continuing. I am really grateful for the school and my sponsors, who have supported me all throughout this academic journey.
To the Kookaburra students the future is bright. All you need is to trust in God and put God first in everything you do. Work smart in your academics, create time for your co-curriculum activities, obey your teachers and the Kookaburra community. Make sure you follow your school rules and regulations. Lastly learn to work as a team.
I am second year student at Moi University Main Campus situated in Eldoret, pursuing a Bachelor of Education. I am majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry.