Herbert – University Student

Meet Herbert

Herbert has made the most of the opportunity provided by our school and his very generous sponsors. After successfully completing his primary exams at Kookaburra, he attended one of the countries top high schools and has been rewarded for his hard work with a place at University.

In 2010 as a class seven student. My Siblings and I joined on the same day. It was too good to be true, a completely free school that offered free lunch? No charge at all? My mother was overjoyed and all her worries were put to rest, and now my three siblings and I were finally going to attend a decent school. The Founder was actually a teacher in the school that I was in, so you can understand my joy to join his school!
Science and Social studies. I always enjoyed these because my teachers made the classes fun.

A class trip that Mr Brian took us to in 2011 right after we had graduated from our last year in primary school. We went for a safari, to see elephants. This was in the South coast a place known as Mwaluganje, at an elephant sanctuary.

I cannot think of a worst time in Kookaburra, we had so much fun learning that we hardly had any bad times there.
Because of Kookaburra I am now a third year student at the Jomo Kenyatta  University , it has supported me mentally , physically and also emotionally, Kookaburra believed in me and natured my talents, for that I say, thank you!
Never give up their dreams, work hard and love God.

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