Halima Bakari – International Traveller

Meet Halima Bakari

Halima is a pioneer of the Kookaburra student community, having been with us since the beginning. She is now working in Qatar, the first of our students to travel overseas to find work.

I joined Kookaburra in 2010 as a class seven student. It was a class of fourteen and almost all were from Restoration school where we conducted our studies before Mr. Brian, who was also a sponsor in Restoration, came up with this project of Kookaburra together with his family and friends and took us all there for better studies. So, it is their efforts that made me and my two siblings benefit a lot from it. We say thank you Kookaburra.
I am 23 years of age.

I enjoyed mathematics and science lessons because the teachers were friendly and funny sometimes, that made me perform very well.

The first Birthday party of Kookaburra school. I couldn’t believe that everyone in the school got a piece of cake, it was nice and delicious and we had a lot of fun.
I never experienced any, we lived happily and enjoyed everything.
I can say Kookaburra took me from nowhere to somewhere. I was a little kid with nothing but then I grew up with something. Thank you, Kookaburra.
Before anything put God first. Work hard and smart, lastly nothing comes easy.
I am doing house keeping in the biggest government hospital in Qatar, (Hamad Hospital). I really love my job because I am getting more experience from the medical staff on how they conduct their duties.