Halima Abuu – Shop Assistant

Meet Halima Abuu

Halima was a pioneer of Kookaburra and then sponsored through our high school graduate program. After completing her secondary education has been rather industrious as she has sought out further qualifications and a place in the workforce.

I joined Kookaburra in 2010 when I was in class seven and 13 years old. It became my favorite school too. Kookaburra natured me and become my second home. I was told about Kookaburra by my friends and siblings who were schooled together at the school where our founder first taught in Kenya. I am the first born of four and my three of my siblings all benefited from kookaburra community school. Two have graduated from high school already and are looking forward to go to further studies and one in class eight this year.
I am 21 years old now and plan to be an independent woman one day so that Kookaburra will be proud of me.
My favorite subjects have always been the languages, that is English and Kiswahili then comes science.
I have so many memories from Kookaburra, they are uncountable! Kookaburra has been just amazing during class, trips, activities, how Kookaburra supported us until we were done with high school was very memorable too. I will always be grateful to have come across Kookaburra Not only me but also my whole family. Kookaburra is where I had the best moments of my life.
My worse experience in Kookaburra is just being away from the school but deep inside I believe Kookaburra will always be part of my dreams and life.

Kookaburra did not only help me in my primary school education but also my high school education and they have always cared about my wellbeing, together with my siblings, who also are Kookaburra students. Kookaburra taught me how to not only be wise but also to be there for others, and ever since I wish to one day volunteer at Kookaburra. Just like how it has been of good use to my life, and to many others, Kookaburra will always be there for its people.

To all the students of Kookaburra out there make good use of it, it will make your life very different and you will surely prosper no matter what. Always remember Kookaburra too because there will be no better place surely than my only favorite Kookaburra.

I finished Kookaburra on 2011 and was sponsored to high school (always thankful) and on 2015 I graduated from high school and joined a computer collage. My dream course being hospitality, I also worked as a promoter for some time, trying to work hard with Kookaburra inspiration always with me. I am now working at a supermarket in the electronics department.

I plan to travel and change my life one day. Going places has always been in me and to help my people. While earning I took advantage and used my income to study catering and baking, which I find amazing.

Soon I may travel because yesterday I got my passport which is so exciting. I plan to never sleep on my goals and dreams.

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