Bilal – School Admin Officer

Meet Bilal

Bilal is a pioneer of the Kookaburra student community, having been with us since the beginning. He completed his primary studies with us and was then sponsored through high school. In an embodiment of the mission we have set ourselves, Bilal is now working at the Kookaburra Community School.

I am a pioneer of Kookaburra, enrolled back in May 2010 when it was founded. Previously I attended a school known as Restoration, which was not a very good school. I was quite happy to join Kookaburra as life for me and my sister began to take a positive turn. During that year of Kookaburra’s launch, none of the students had school uniform, so we came in our home clothes or uniforms that we used in our previous school.
I am 22 years of age.
I enjoyed my science lessons more than others.
Playing football, it was always so much fun.
When our school was rejected from hosting us as candidates because of limited class space. So we had to be hosted in another school which was not comfortable.
Kookaburra is the reason for my smart way of thinking. It has nurtured me and taught me great ways to get by in life.
My advice to the students is to work hard as nothing in life comes easy.
Kookaburra’s administration assistant.

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