Baraka – School Pioneer & Chef

Meet Baraka

Baraka is a pioneer of the Kookaburra student community, he has been with us since the beginning. Having completed his primary studies with us and being sponsored through high school, he is now starting off on a career as a chef.

I joined Kookaburra in 2010, when in class seven. Everything was different compared to my previous school, Restoration. It was a stone house school, with proper doors and good roofing. The school I was in was made of clay and hardly had any doors. We were fed free meals and charged nothing for tuition. I knew this was going to be my happy place for a long time.
I am 23 years of age.
My favourite subject was science. It still is a subject I enjoy reading about.
Playing sports! I had a good time participating in Kookaburra football matches. I always looked forward to them.
I did not have one of those.
This organization has helped me with my education, housed me at the Kookaburra shelter and also placed me in a good job.
Stay focused on their goals, something good will come after having a good education.
I am a chef at a restaurant in Nyali and I really enjoy working there.

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