Madam (don’t mess with me!) Rose

Meet Mama Nelly

Mama Nelly, Madam Rose or Rose Wairimu, is another staff member who has been here from the start. Charged with keeping the premises clean, and self-appointed “Mother” to the all our children, there are many daily challenges to be faced.

I learnt of it a year after I had met the founder; 2009. We met while I was working at a school known as restoration and he was a volunteer at the time. I remember during his time in restoration, he found 6 children that were not getting educated and had them join the school, he later left for Australia and after a little while he wasn’t very pleased with how things were run at the school so he came back and decided to start his own school, I joined the school board, became a cleaner for the school and the rest was history.
I have to say 2012; first 3 months were my favourite moments. When I saw almost all the 2011 graduates sent off to high school, I honestly didn’t think that we as a school would produce graduates in such a short time and manage to find sponsors for them let alone send them off to high schools! That was my greatest joy, now this happens every year and it still remains a favourite. I must say the joy it gives me to watch these children grow in Kookaburra and later on move to the next step in life is a treasure.
As the school’s cleaner my most challenging moments have been with water. We do not have running water, so we purchase water from a nearby building, when there is a shortage of water, all hell breaks loose, children have to use the toilet, and having no water to flush it becomes a terrible site as you may imagine.
My family and I lived in a one room iron sheet house with no water neither power. Met Mr Brian who then relocated us to one of the school rooms and after a few months we moved into the house that I am currently living in that Mr Brian helps pay rent for. It is a one bedroom stone house with both power and water.
Being the eldest beside Mr Brian, I have enjoyed being a mother figure to these children, taking care of them and watching the grow.
My life now has been about Kookaburra, I wish to see great changes hopefully in the near future; build our own school as we are quite squeezed in our current facility, we are even limited in space from the outside and are completely locked in by buildings that have come up recently, so there’s literally no direct way to access the school and sometimes when it rains we are forced to meander through fierce mud to get there.

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