Edward Kaingu – Mr Chelsea

Meet Mr Edward

Edward Kaingu has been with us from the beginning. A long time member of the local community, he has known and been a part of the lives of all of our children, since before the days of Kookaburra.

I met the founder of Kookaburra over 8 years ago, he was then volunteering at a poorly managed school, which bothered him a lot and had a plan to start his own school. So he approached Madam Judith (current lower primary teacher) and I, to find him a building that will house at least 50 children to start off with. We went out doing our research on that, and later came across our current building, and due to unavoidable circumstances we ended up taking 144 children contrary to what Mr Brian had requested. There were a large number of children that turned up, especially those that he taught from the terribly managed school. Word also spread like wild fire through the community, of the opening of a new school sponsored by an Australian, so everyone showed up and it was very hard to turn them away. So we took them all… you can say that I am one of the pioneers of Kookaburra community school.
Teaching and playing with the children. I am the head of sports in the school, and I take real pride in training these children, nurturing their talents in sports. They love it, and I love to train them.
Disciplining children! This has proven a real challenge in my time here. Most of these children, if not all, have been and still are disciplined with a cane at home, so they are used to it, and if that is not applied, then nothing is taken seriously by them. Now, Kookaburra being a non-corporal punishment school, some of the children take advantage and break the school rules knowing that they will not get beaten but given other forms of punishment. It can be a challenge to help them understand that beating isn’t the ideal form of correcting a mistake but with love and other non-physical punishments it does work best. Over the 7 years I have taught here, I have noticed a huge positive change in their attitude towards our discipline policy, now I can say that a majority abide by the rules and do not require to be hit to stay right by the rules.
I was living in a one room, no water, shared toilets. Now because of the housing support given by Kookaburra, I am now living in a one bedroom with running water and power.
My Job, teaching these children is where my happiness originates, I enjoy every minute of it.
I want to continue to give my all to these kids and see them flourish, prosper and succeed in life.

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