Kookaburra House

How We Started

Kookaburra House began when we discovered some of our students living in a room by themselves. There was little security provided by the house and one morning a young female student woke to find a strange man in her bed. We immediately rented a room in a house nearby our school and moved the children into it. Kookaburra House was born.

Over time we have rented all six rooms in the house and have two families living in two of the rooms. The other four are occupied by orphaned children or children whose parent or guardian has effectively abandoned them, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Here are some of the families helped through the house:

Mama Mary’s family

Mama Mary was attacked by polio when she was young and is now restricted to a wheelchair. She has five children. In a country with few jobs available, she lacked employment opportunities and was reduced to begging on the streets. Apart from the basic needs of shelter and food, we also provided a small loan for her to start her own small business.

Due to her special needs, we eventually moved her to a self-contained house nearby.

The Mohammed Girls

We took in the girls in right after their mother passed on in 2012. When tragedy struck, the children were left on their own with just an elder sister to care for them. The elder sister already had three of her own children and couldn’t care for the girls. The elder sister now has three of her children in our school.

Our House