Our Graduates

Why We Started

Secondary education is not free in Kenya. Although in 2018 the government has introduced some subsidies, it is still estimated that up to half the eligible children do not receive a secondary education due to the cost.

At the end of 2011 we established the Graduate Program in order to find sponsors to help our students through their four years of secondary education. In our first year we sent 13 graduates to high schools throughout Kenya. To date 53 children have qualified for the program.

Students qualify by obtaining a pass mark in their primary school exams and having displayed the type of behaviour, discipline and study habits, that show they have the right attitude to succeed in what is typically a very challenging environment for the children.

How It Works

  • Sponsorship duration four years
  • Covers tuition fees and transport (for boarders)
  • Uniforms and materials for first year only
  • Monthly, termly or annual payments available
  • Annual academic report and personal letter from student
  • Contact your student via Skype or Email on request
“I am really working hard to make sure that I utilise and use well the time that you are sponsoring me for. I clearly know that education is the key to success… you have given me hope…. one of my goals is to help the poor and helpless people in Kenya and all over the world.”
Mohamed Abuu, Kookaburra Graduate

Our Graduates