Why GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is the worlds largest global crowdfunding community connecting non-profits, donors and companies. By successfully completing the September 2017 Accelerator campaign, ACTION THIS DAY is now part of that community.

Apart from fundraising opportunities, we will have exposure to GlobalGiving’s corporate partners, US donors will be able to make tax-deductible donations and UK givers can choose to add Gift Aid to their donation, if eligible.

Other benefits include access to GlobalGiving’s tools and training for non-profits as well as money matching programs and bonus prizes.

How It Works

We have our main project which collects donations for the day to day running of the school. You can see the costs involved by viewing our Annual Reports on the GOVERNANCE page of this site.

Occasionally, we will also have more targeted projects, open for a short period of time, when we need to meet a specific budget item, perhaps one that falls outside the normal daily school costings.

GlobalGiving also run campaigns throughout the year and if we join in one of those we would also have a specific, short term project dedicated to that.


This is our main project and contains a detailed list of items and costs involved in the day to day running of the school.

On May 10th this year our school will celebrate its 8th birthday and we will be inviting you to participate via a special campaign on our GlobalGiving site. Your birthday donations will help ensure we get through the year to be able to celebrate another birthday in 2019. Details coming soon!