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Registered Charity Tick

The ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) is an independent regulator of charities within Australia. They recently released the Registered Charity Tick.

New Arrival

We are very pleased to welcome a new member into our community. Congratulations to our teacher, Mary Ngowa and her husband Sam,

Is it a bird…

Tony Pate jumped out of a plane. Seriously! Okay, he was really pushed by a guy wearing a parachute but still... what

Sunset Party Success

We're very excited to announce that the final proceeds from the Action This Day Sunset Party were £15,500 - an incredible figure!

Coast to Coast…. DONE!

Well... they've done it... again! That dynamic fundraising duo of Ele Parrott and Emma Beasley have completed their latest epic fundraising journey,

Silence in the Library

We are starting to use the extra space made by moving the lower school students into their own building. Our library is

Growing Pains

We have been in the same rented accommodation since the school started. It has always been inadequate but all we could afford

Running Coast to Coast

Beginning on 20 June 2016, best friends Ele Parrott and Emma Beasley will run 322 miles between them, covering a route from

Food, Glorious Food

Shortly after opening the school in 2010 we realised that many of our children were malnourished. Regular illness, along with difficulties concentrating,

Getting Old

Today we celebrated the sixth birthday of our school. As has become the tradition, afternoon lessons were cancelled and cake was eaten. There