We are very pleased to be able to welcome seven new students onto our Graduate Program for 2018. Our program matches performing students with good schools and generous sponsors, in order to enable them to attend high school.

At Kookaburra we provide primary education but there are still four years of secondary to be endured after our students complete their time with us. Until we are able to fund a high school ourselves, we match students who have shown the right attitude in school, and performed well academically, with sponsors keen to help our children achieve something denied to an estimated 40% of the student population here, an opportunity to complete secondary education.

This year our top three performers were able to obtain places in one of the best high schools on the Kenyan coast, Shimo La Tewa. Livingstone Shoboi, our top performer in the final exams with 383, was in the top few percent in the country.

There are still many challenges facing children in Kenya as they pass through high school, but we are thankful to this years sponsors, and to the many who have sponsored, or are still sponsoring, some of the 53 students who have now completed, or are participating in this program.

We will soon begin a series of meetings and interviews with children who have completed this program, so you can see first hand some of the changes your support has made to their lives, but this program remains one of the most important aspects of the work we do here in Kenya.

A very special thank you to everyone who supports a high school student with us.